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CCS2 EV Socket with Cable

Empowering EVs with Fast Charging

MAXGREEN European standard DC CCS2 charging socket is developed and installed by our company on electric vehicles. It achieves DC charging function by cooperating with DC charging plug.

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Discover the Perfect EV Accessories for Your Charging Solutions! Our EV Charger Accessories page offers an extensive range, including high-quality EV Charging Sockets, Open-end EV Charging Cables, and convenient EV Charging Cable Holders. As a trusted EV Charger manufacturer, we prioritize durability, safety, and seamless compatibility, ensuring a reliable charging experience for all electric vehicle owners.

Item Code: JD-ACC-CEV

MAXGREEN – CCS2 EV Socket combines both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) charging capabilities in a single plug, allowing for faster and more versatile charging.

NAXGREEN - Open End EV Charging Cable
Item Code: JD-ACC-ECC

As a vital accessory for EV Charging Station and Portable EV Charger, MAXGREEN Open-end EV Charging Cable ensures a seamless connection between the EV Charger and electric vehicles.

MAXGREEN - EV Charging Cable Holder
Item Code: JD-ACC-CHT2

MAXGREEN EV Charging Cable Holder is designed to securely store and organize the charging cable, provides a convenient and tidy way to keep the cable off the ground when not in use.

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