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Type 1 to Tesla AC EV Adapter

Compatibility and Safety

Seamlessly connect your Tesla electric vehicle to Type 1 charging infrastructure. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of fast charging on-the-go. Ensure compatibility and safety with our trusted solution

Enhance the charging versatility of electric vehicles with our premium EV Adapters

MAXGREEN EV Adapters offer seamless compatibility with a wide range of charging standards , ensuring EV owners can charge their vehicles hassle-free. With a strong focus on quality, safety, and performance. MAXGREEN EV Adapters offer seamless compatibility, allowing users to connect to various charging stations effortlessly. Partner with us today to access the best in the EV Adapter market and drive success for your wholesale business.

AC EV Adapters

NAXGREEN - Type 1 to Tesla AC EV Adapter
Item Code: JD-EAD-T1TS

The integratedcap will protect the tip from any highcurrent arc. Rated current and voltage is 240V, 80A Max to match OE Standard. Straight out of the storage pouch, theadapter fits Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y.

Item Code: JD-EAD-T1T2

Made of High-grade rugged material, compact and easily accessible with anti-slip design. One end is IEC 621796 Type 2 for EV, Another end is SAE J1772. Compatible with Type 2 EV Charging Station. Doesn’t affect charging speed. Greatly increasing the number of charging destinations for your Type 1 Vehicle.

Item Code: JD-EAD-T1GB

SAE J1772-GBT EV Adapter with 99% pure copper+Silver plated. Once side connect to GBT electric vehicle charging socket, another side connect with Type 1 EV charger plug.

Item Code: JD-EAD-T2TS

Type 2 to Tesla EV Adapter compatible with Tesla Model 3/S/Y/X. Built with premium-grade materials and exceptional precision toeasily fit Tesla charging ports without damaging the entries.

Item Code: JD-EAD-T2T1

Integrated adapter Type 1 socket to Type 2 plug. One Side connect to Type 1 electric vehicle charging socket, another side connect with Type 2 EV Charger plug. PC+ABC case material.

Item Code: JD-EAD-T2GB

Meet IEC 62196-2 / GB T20234 Standard. Small and highly PortableWidely compatible and safe to chargerConvenient for use and storage. Flame Retardant Grade UL94V-0.

DC EV Adapters

Item Code: JD-EAD-C1C2

European standard to American standard electric vehicle DC charging adapter. One Side Connect To CCS2Vehicles Charging Socket. Another Side Connect With CCS1 EV Plug.

Item Code: JD-EAD-C1TS01

DC CCS1 to Tesla EV Adapter compatible with Tesla Model 3/S/Y/X. Lightweight and portable. One side Connect to Tesla vehicle charging socket, another side connect with DC CCS1 plug.

Item Code: JD-EAD-C1TS02

Compatible with Tesla Model 3/S/Y/X. The charging rates up to 175-200 kWh, quickly chargeyour works with any fast charging station without problem.

Item Code: JD-EAD-C2GB

Elevate Your EV Business with MAXGREEN CCS2 to GBT EV Adapter. Unlock new revenue streams by offering seamless DC fast charging solutions for GBTstandard EVs. Expand your product portfolio and capture a broader market.

Item Code: JD-EAD-C2C1

Unlock new possibilities for your EV charging business with MAXGREEN CCS2 to CCS1 EV Adapter. Expand your market reach and cater to CCS2 standard EV owners by offering seamless and safety charging compatibility at CCS1 EV charging stations.

Item Code: JD-EAD-C2TS

Same performance with thinner TPU cable. The weight is only 2.1KG. Easily portable. The shell has a fluorescent strip, which has a fluorescent effect at night and plays a role of safety guidance.

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