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CCS2 to Tesla EV Adapter

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MAXGREEN – CCS2 to Tesla EV Adapter

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Take your EV charging business to new heights with MAXGREEN CCS2 to Tesla EV Adapter. Empower Tesla owners to charge their electric vehicles effortlessly and safety at CCS2 EV charging stations with our CCS2 to Tesla EV adapters. Offering unrivaled compatibility and lightning-fast charging speeds. Stay ahead of the competition and lead the charge towards a greener and more sustainable futurer.

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Product’s Features
Product’s Features


Product Name: MAXGREEN – CCS2 to Tesla EV Adapter for DC Charging

Product Details

Certification CE
Type CCS2 adapter
Rated Current 120A
Color Black
Application Connector CCS2 charging pile to Tesla EV car
Warranty 6 Months
Operation Voltage 500 V/DC
Operational Temperature -30 °C to +50 °C
Degree of Protection IP54

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CCS2 to Tesla EV Adapter – Connect Your Tesla to More Chargers!


 Ever wonder how you can charge a Tesla car with different charging stations? Our “CCS2 to Tesla EV Adapter” is the perfect gadget for doing just that!

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Stay charged and ready for adventure with our CCS2 to Tesla EV Adapter!

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