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Type 2 to GBT EV Adapter

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MAXGREEN - Type 2 to GBT EV Adapters

Item Code: JD-EAD-T2GB

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Unlock EV charging possibilities with MAXGREEN Type 2 to GBT Adapters. Empowers GBT EV owners to connect effortlessly to Type 2 EV charging stations. Built with a focus on safety and reliability. Elevate your charging experience and embrace the future of green transportation. Explore our Type 2 to GBT EV Adapters now and offer your customers a gateway to charging freedom.

What’s This Adapter For?

  • This adapter is like a magical connector. It lets cars that use a Type 2 charging plug charge at stations with a GBT (Guobiao standard) socket. It’s like having a special adapter for your gaming console that lets you play games from all over the world!

Awesome Features:

  • Universal Fit: This adapter is made to fit cars with a Type 2 plug. It’s like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly, connecting your car to more charging stations.
  • Tough and Secure: Built to last, the adapter is made from materials that can handle lots of use. It’s also super safe, so there are no worries about electric shocks or overheating.
  • Simple to Use: It’s really easy – just plug one end into the car and the other end into the charging station. It’s as simple as charging your tablet or phone!
  • Portable Size: The adapter is small and light, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Keep it in the car, and you’re ready for any charging situation.
  • Efficient Charging: This adapter is designed to charge your car quickly and efficiently, just like it would at a home charging station.

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