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Smart AC
EV Charging Station

Smart and Powerful

MAXGREEN offers the best of both powerful performance and small size for faster EV charging at home.

Smart AC EV Chargers

Smart AC EV Charging Station

As a leading manufacturer, we offer comprehensive customization options for AC EV Charging Station, including branding, design, charging capacity, and smart features, empowering you to create a bespoke EV charging solution for your project.

Our expert team is committed to delivering top-notch OEM customization for EV Charging Station, ensuring that each order and project aligns perfectly with your brand identity and customer demands. Stay at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution with our cutting-edge solutions, designed to elevate your business and drive customer satisfaction.

MAXGREEN - Smart Home EV Charging Station
Item Code: JD-ECS-02T1/02T2

MAXGREEN Home EV Charging Station is a smart AC charger supporting maximum 11.5kW output and global charging interface. With IP54/ IK08 and compact design, provides high adaptability to outdoor and space-limited sites. network connectivity and compatible with OCPP, A08 reserves the interoperability for system integration and can be an ideal solution for commercial and residential charging sites.

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