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9.6KW Type 1 Portable EV Charger

Charging power up to 9.6 KW Max. Provide adjustable currents with the press of a button. The LCD display on the charger also provides charging information.

Discover the ultimate convenience in EV charging with our Portable EV Chargers.

As a leading EV charger supplier, we take pride in producing high quality products designed to meet the needs of modern electric vehicle owners. 

MAXGREEN portable EV chargers offer unrivaled portability and power, ensuring your customers can charge their EVs anytime and anywhere. With a focus on safety, reliability, and fast charging capabilities, our portable EV chargers are the perfect addition to your product lineup. Elevate your customers’ charging experience with our EV Charging solutions and partner with us for the best in the industry.

Portable EV Charger

MAXGREEN – Wall-mountable and portable EV charger

Item Code: JD-PEC-PKT1 / PKT2

High quality portable EV Charger. Waterproof and certified with an IP65 rating. Comes with a wall-mounted bracket for you to install in the wall and a portable bag for easy storage and transportation. It features a comfortable grip handle with a rubber cover on top, providing a secure and comfortable grip while keeping out water and dirt.


MAXGREEN – 16A portable EV charger 

Item Code: JD-PEC-TJT1 / TJT2

Experience high-speed charging with MAXGREEN reliable Level 2 portable EV Charger. 3x faster than stock level-1 chargers, it adds 11-15 miles of battery life in just 1 hour. Our charger’s smart-chip detection system ensures safety. Stay informed with LED indication displays during charging. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


MAXGREEN – Type 1 Portable EV Charger with App control

Item Code: JD-PEC-XYT1

MAXGREEN level 2 portable ev charger charges 7 times faster than traditional 110v 16A Level 1 chargers. Maximum EV charging speed is based on EV’s current charging ability reaching 40A. UL, CSA, and FCC Certified, with 8 safety systems for your vehicle charging escort. All products come with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and lifetime technical support.

03 拷贝

MAXGREEN – Type 2 Three Phases Portable EV Charger

Item Code: JD-PEC-MDT2

Boasting 16A or 32A options and up to 11KW or 22KW charging power, this charger is the ideal addition to your product lineup. The automotive repair intelligence chip, LCD display monitor, LED status indicators, and adjustable current and time delay functions redefine convenience.

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