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 Type 1 16A Portable EV Charger

MAXGREEN - Type 1 16A Portable EV Charger

Item Code: JD-PEC-TJT1

Category:     Portable EV Charger     

MAXGREEN provides a creative charging package including EV charger with NEMA 6-20 plug & five adapter cables (NEMA5-15/ NEMA10-30 /NEMA14-50 /NEMA14-30/ NEMA6-50).Compatible with most electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids sold in North America. Ideal for places like garage, garden or dryer outlet. keeps improving the quality of electric vehicle charger complying with local standards and regulations in U.S..Heat dissipation of circuit board has been upgraded to protect your car’s safe while using. IP54 waterproof feature enables the car charged in light rainy day

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